Support for xrdesktop (Virtual Reality) in elementary

Get work done on the Linux desktop - in Virtual or Augmented Reality (XR).

Built For

Users who'd love to interact with the beautiful linux desktop of elementary in Virtual/Augmented Reality (XR).


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This project has three parts which work together to create the elementary XR experience:

Gala Plugin (Window Manager plugin)

A plugin for the elementary OS Window Manager which enables us to mirror the desktop windows to XR:

Wingpanel Indicator (Top panel plugin)

An indicator for the elementary OS top panel which provides a possibility to enable or disable window mirroring to XR:

Switchboard Plug (System settings plugin)

A plugin for the elementary OS system settings to enable the user to configure where and how desktop windows should be mirrored to XR: Development not started yet.

Built With

  • xrdesktop - A library for XR interaction with traditional desktop compositors.

  • Monado - The open source OpenXR runtime.

  • Gala - The elementary OS Window Manager.

  • Wingpanel - The elementary OS top panel that holds indicators and spawns an application launcher.

  • Switchboard - An extensible System Settings app designed for elementary OS.

  • Vala - a modern programming language to write applications that run on the GNOME runtime libraries

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