Open Source Contributions
All my contributions to the greater good of open source software (OSS).
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elementary Calendar - Desktop calendar app designed for elementary OS.

elementary Mail - Mail app designed for elementary OS.

elementary Online Accounts - A plugin for System Settings which allows you to configure your Online Accounts.

elementary Tasks - Synced tasks and reminders on elementary OS.

elementary Wingpanel - Stylish top panel that holds indicators and spawns an application launcher

elementary xrdesktop support

Enabling Linux users to interact with the beautifulx desktop of elementary in Virtual/Augmented Reality (XR). Visit the project page for more information.

Time Limit - A simple and beautiful timer app for elementary OS.

One time contributions

COTP - A simple One Time Password (OTP) library in C

elementary Contributor Docs

elementary Granite - Library that extends GTK with common widgets and utilities

html2pdf - HTML to PDF converter written in PHP.

Media Watermark - GPU/CPU-based iOS Watermark Library for Image and Video Overlay.

Tins - Containers just like Virtual Machines - but with native performance.

TypeRocket - The WordPress framework designed for developers.

Vala Tester - Run your Vala Scribbles.
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