elementary OS: Office Productivity Improvements

End of summer office productivity boost! Read on to see how I improved elementary Mail, Tasks, Calendar and Online Accounts this month.

September 2021

Since elementary OS 6 was released in the beginning of August, traction all around elementary is really high. So make sure to also step by the elementary blog from time to time to stay up to date of what's happening!

Please note: Not all of the features described below are already released. Some are still undergoing testings and reviews. So it might take a little more time until those are available to you.


Once again, I dedicated quite some time to elementary Mail. The result is a bunch of improvements:

Mail now notifies you about new messages (#679) and in case you feel like there is a message missing, you can manually refresh the currently selected folder at any time (#680).

Also the search feels much more responsive (#676) and on top of that, you are now even able to hide already read or un-starred conversations from the list (#678)!

Last but not least, the following two bug fixes also found their way into the latest version of Mail: It now stores messages only once in the "Sent" folder - even for outlook.com users (#702). Also it selects the next message automatically after you delete one - this lets you delete messages faster than ever before (#660)!

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In the near future, it will be possible to drag and drop tasks to another list (#296). For me, this addition is huge! The lack of it was my main reason why Tasks was not quite usable - so I'm very excited about this one!

In addition to this new drag and drop feature, I also fixed two bugs:

First, Tasks now only loads non-completed tasks by default. This solves some performance issues users experienced (#295).

Second, the cursor of the task description field is not correctly placed (#293) - this improves usability and paves the way for a future integration of HyperTextView once it is released.

Online Accounts

I refactored the calendars and task list discovery in Online Accounts, which solves issues with task list management for CalDAV backends (#227). Additionally, Online Accounts now stores a refresh interval for IMAP accounts (#222) - this enables us to make this configurable in the future.


As I was tinkering with notifications anyway, I fixed the missing icon bug for notifications in Calendar along the way (#702).

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