It's Christmas Time: Jólnir brings many gifts

Jólnir has a lot to give. In this post I'm going to highlight some of my contributions I'm very excited about.

December 2021

Pretty sure you already heard the news: elementary OS 6.1 aka Jólnir is out! To get a full overview of what's new, read the official announcement at the elementary blog.

In this post, I'm going to highlight some features I contributed to Jólnir and I'm very excited about: These contributions play a crucial part in my daily workflow - and all of them are now available to you as well! Merry Christmas!

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Back in June I started to work on a new widget to enable hyperlinks in Gtk.TextView's. After quite some discussion, testing and re-evaluation it is now finally released! This means, users can now simply Control + Click to follow web and email addresses in any text field. Which has already been integrated in Tasks and Calendar:

For developers its a no-brainer to add hyperlink support to their apps too, because Granite.HyperTextView is a drop-in replacement for Gtk.TextView:

- var description_textview = new Gtk.TextView ();
+ var description_textview = new Granite.HyperTextView ();

Yup - that's it. it's that easy! Just replace Gtk.TextView with Granite.HyperTextView and your done (requires Granite v6.2.0 or higher).

Drag and Drop for Tasks

Pretty inconspicuous at first glance: You are now able to drag a task to another list. But this little gem is a huge improvement for the overall usability of Tasks. Its nothing less than a door opener for brand new workflows!

Tasks alongside Events in Wingpanel

This contribution goes back to March this year and I've been looking forward for this to land in elementary since day one of the Tasks app: Tasks are now shown alongside events in the calendar widget of Wingpanel. This feature makes planning in Jólnir both easier and more reliable than ever:

Send by Email in Files

And last but not least: Its now possible again in elementary OS 6.1 to send files as email attachment by using the context menu in Files:

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