Convert Kobo ACSM to DRM free ePub

How to convert ACSM file to a DRM free ePub

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Install Knock

Go to the knock project on GitHub and install the latest version as described there:

cd ~/Downloads
mv knock-* knock
chmod +x knock

Download the ACSM file from Kobo

Head over to the Kobo website and download the previously purchased book. Your browser will download a file stored at ~/Downloads/URLLink (without extension) which is essentially the book's ACSM file.

Convert the ACSM file to a DRM free ePub

Now let knock do the download and the conversion:

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ ./knock ./URLLink
downloading the file from Adobe...
Download 100%
removing DRM from the file...
DRM-free EPUB file generated at .epub
$ mv .epub Book.epub

And that's it: You now own a DRM free copy of your purchased book!

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