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Here you can see what I've been up to lately.

November 2022 - Here's how things evolved since my last post in January… more »

January 2022 - A few days ago I was asked on Twitter why I like elementary OS… more »

December 2021 - In this post, I'm going to highlight some features I contributed to Jólnir and I'm very excited about… more »

October 2021 - a personal finance dashboard which turns data from a local GnuCash file into a neat overview of your financial situation… more »

September 2021 - End of summer office productivity boost! Read on to see how I improved elementary Mail, Tasks, Calendar and Online Accounts this month… more »

August 2021 - I dedicated this month to squash as many bugs as possible in the all new elementary OS 6 Odin… more »

July 2021 - What a month! Passed my exams, went on holiday and still got plenty of time to give elementary Mail some love… more »

June 2021 - Adding hyperlink support to elementary OS text rendering… more »

May 2021 - Our work on the Online Accounts essentials landed in the elementary OS 6 Beta… more »

April 2021 - Read how I managed to render elementary OS Desktop windows in Virtual Reality using xrdesktop… more »

February 2021 - Learn how I spent the last couple of weeks defining the pillars of my Personal Knowledge Management System… more »

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