Marco Betschart
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FOSS Productivity System

My free and open source productivity system.


  • Design is non-optional - the whole system should be easy AND enjoyable to use
  • Privacy is important - and must not distract
  • Freedom is sustainable - the system should favour community driven projects instead of profit-oriented companies

Core Features

  • ⚠️ - the app is proprietary / the feature is there, but does not work 100% as intended
  • ✅ - the feature is available
  • 👨‍🏭 - the feature is actively worked on
  • ❌ - the feature is neither available nor actively worked on
last update: 2023-02-25
💻 Arch Linux
📱 CalyxOS
📧️ Mail
Archive Conversation
Trash Conversation
Flag Conversation
Grouped Inbox Folder
(using Search Folders)
Grouped Inbox: Archive Conversation
Grouped Inbox: Trash Conversation
Grouped Inbox: Flag Conversation
Grouped Archive Folder
Grouped Archive: Trash Conversation
Grouped Archive: Flag Conversation
Grouped Trash Folder
Filter Flagged Conversations
Move Message to Folder
Modern Authentication
📋 Tasks
Add/Edit/Remove Lists
Alert at a Time
⚠️ (only date, no time)
Alert at a Location
Recurring Tasks
Custom Sorting
Filter Scheduled Tasks
Sync via CalDAV
Move Task to List
📆 Calendar
Weekly View
Add/Edit/Remove Calendars
✅ via DAVx5
Add/Edit/Remove Events
Recurring Events
Multiple Calendars
Sync via CalDAV
✅ via DAVx5
Birthday Calendar (from Contacts)
✅ via DAVx5
Holiday Calendar (WebCal)
✅ via ICSx5
📑️ PDF Handling
⚠️ PDF Studio
⚠️ Xodo
Displaying Note
Editing Note
Displaying Text Highlight
Editing Text Highlight
Displaying Text Highlight Note
Editing Text Highlight Note
Displaying Freeform Drawings
Editing Freeform Drawings

Convenience Features & Workarounds

Integration between Arch Linux and CalyxOS

Should be possible with KDE Connect:
  • Shared Clipboard
  • Transfer Files