Marco Betschart

xrdesktop: wxrd

A prototype-quality standalone client for xrdesktop based on wlroots and the wxrc codebase.



# Install required libraries:
sudo pacman -S meson cmake wayland-protocols seatd glew glfw-wayland shaderc xcb-util-errors weston
# Now we are ready to configure:
mkdir -p ~/Development/xrdesktop
cd ~/Development/xrdesktop
git clone --recursive
cd wxrd
cd subprojects
git clone -b next
git clone -b next
git clone -b next
cd ..
# meson >= 0.60 fails with unknown option
meson -Ddefault_library=static build
# It's compilation time. We need install here so wxrd
# is capable to find xrdesktop when run:
ninja -C build install


Make sure the monado-service runs *on top of an X11 session then execute: